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1. Invitation - Completed

The ticket.verification.completed event is triggered when a Verification has completed all of its subprocesses, or an error has been raised and there are no more retries to attempt. Notification payload specifies a set of properties as shown on following JSON. It will contain its ticket, so it can be tracked by your processes. Also, it holds its event. The flow_status specified ticket's current state, which can be either ACCEPTED or REJECTED , this value depends on confidence_score property. The value of the disposition property can be either PASSED or FAILED which determines last executed subprocess' state. It also gives final results of entire flow, such as risk_code and confidence_score.

    "invitation_state": "COMPLETED",
    "cifcod": "YOUR-USER-CIFCODE",
    "full_name": "Jon Doe",
    "ticket": "YOUR-USER-IDV-TICKET",
    "transaction_status": "ACCEPTED",
    "attempts": 1

Completed Invitation state

  • COMPLETED: indicates that invitation's ticket has been completed, so this is set to a completed state.

IDV ticket's transaction_status statuses

  • ACCEPTED: all IDV Ticket flow's subprocesses were executed correctly and their results have been considered as OK, so ticket is set to COMPLETED state.

  • REJECTED: this status is set when an exception has been raised, or any IDV ticketsubprocess' result has been considered as unacceptable and no more retries can be atempted, eg. liveness detection process.

Here you find a further description of the response values below:

KeyData typeDescription



The UUID of the Invitation which triggered this webhook. This will help you query our backend API for the details of the Invitation.



Invitation's current state.



User's unique identifier.



User's name read from its IDV ticket process.



Invitation's IDV ticket's UUID.



This holds the result of the processed ticket and its confidence_score threshold matching. As noted above, its value may be one of these 2 posibilities: - ACCEPTED - REJECTED



Specifies the number of attempts made by the user to complete its IDV ticket process.

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