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Integration via identity verification API using invite links

In this document, you will learn how to seamlessly integrate Preventor ID with your system by using invite links for your customers to perform self-service identity verification.

(0) The following flow indicates as a zero step that you should use the configuration platform to configure and customize Preventor ID according to your workflows and business cases.

(1) The first step is tokenized authentication using your credentials.

(2) Then you must register the invitation with the necessary attributes to be able to send the invitation in the shipping method you choose and make the verification link with your client.

(3) Sending the invitation is optional and you can choose to use the link and paste it in your processes or send it through your own channels.

(4) Once the invite link has reached your client, this process should continue with the self-service identity verification process following the instructions of the web-sdk. Preferably on a responsive device, however this is also up to you and can be configured on the platform.

(5) To know when the client is done with the identity verification, you can choose to set up a notification webhook or you can check the invitation status via the API periodically.

(5.1) If the validity time of the invitation expires or you want to make changes to an invitation or delete it, you can do so using the Resend, Edit and Delete APIs

(6) When you have been able to determine that the invitation and identity verification have finished, either by the webhook or by the API query, you will be able to get the results of the identity verification and images using the IDV ticket id, which is part of the results of the invitation.

(7) At this point, you can continue with your business flow and/or you can update your KYC system using the data obtained from the result of the identity verification ticket and the information of your client's identity document.

(8) Finally, Preventor's identity management platform allows you to manage invitations, IDV tickets, and analytics dashboard queries.

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