Welcome to Preventor ID! This documentation will show you how to integrate Preventor broker SDK into your website.

What is the Preventor broker SDK?

The Preventor broker SDK allows you to verify your customers as a service without the need to have any kind of integrations or do any development on your platforms. It is a very easy to use platform and in which your clients will be able to carry out their verification in a fast, secure, agile and frictionless process.

You will be able to manage these verifications and you will also be able to view and monitor the results interactively using the available options.

This platform can be used as an additional service to verify the identity of clients in their own offices in a secure way, it can also be used for the maintenance of their clients' information and even for campaigns to attract more clients to your business.

How to use it?

Invitations can be shared with your client via email, to a mobile with an SMS message or with the customer assistance option so that a representative of your company from their own mobile can help a client with identity verification in person when the client doesn’t have a cell phone, don't have internet or the camera doesn't work properly.

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